Greek Yogurt Pops are the Perfect Sweet Treat For the Kids This Summer


Gemma Stafford always has the best ideas about making easy recipes. This video teaches you how truly easy it is to make Greek yogurt pops with just a few minutes and a couple of ingredients. Instead of purchasing expensive yogurt pops from the store, you can make this healthy version that is free of any preservatives. All you will need is some plain Greek yogurt, honey, and the fruit of your choice. If you follow the instructions in the video, you will have no problem making these delicious treats all summer long.

With some yogurt, honey, and frozen fruit, you simply blend the ingredients until smooth and then use the special zip pop bags Gemma recommends. Freeze them for four hours and you will have a delicious frozen treat available anytime you get hungry or need to feel refreshed. Check out this easy recipe video and Please SHARE on Facebook for all your friends.

Gemma Stafford