Grieving Daughter Gets Help Buying Her Father’s Tombstone


This video is going to deeply touch your heart so make sure you get the tissues ready. The woman in this video was nominated by her husband. Her father had died seven years ago but she had been unable to afford to buy him a tombstone, something that has caused her deep upset. Thankfully, FOX news, the funeral home, and the monument company worked together to help her.

This video surprises the woman with this unspeakable gift which will allow her family to have closure after all these years. When you see the actions unfold in this video, it will make you tear up. Thankfully, this woman can properly honor her father now and will no longer have to be sad because he does not have a proper tombstone. What a wonderful gift this was for this woman and her family! Watch this news video and Please SHARE on Facebook so your friends can enjoy.