A Grieving Father Posts a Video at His Daughter’s Grave With a Message to Addicts


People who suffer from addiction don’t just hurt themselves. They can sadly take other people with them. That is one of the important messages in this video. A father is talking to the camera directly, trying to get people to understand the dire consequences of their actions. He’s in a cemetery surrounded by graves. He first gives a speech that is religious and general in nature.

Then, he gets more specific about the events that led to his daughter being killed in a terrible accident. Her mother was also killed, and she accidentally took both of their lives as a result of her drug and relationship problems.

The video contains direct shots of the mutual grave, which has both of their names on it. People should please SHARE this video on Facebook, since it does contain a very important message, and it is a very heartwarming video with a story that deserves to be heard.