A Grieving Rottweiler, For What Reason? Really Touching!


There has always been a debate for a long time whether animals have emotions. I totally agree that dogs have emotions. Individuals have always disagreed with this issue and suggested that dogs cannot show love. If you try to ask any dog owner, he or she will totally admit that dogs have emotions though they do not really understand the human language.

People should know that dogs have a way of expressing their emotions though human beings may not always understand them in some situations.

This clip shows us a dog which is grieving for his twin brother. The crying Rottweiler woke up and realized that his brother had died during the night and he could not wake up. This dog does not want to move away from this point and he even covers the head of the dead brother. If you watch this clip, you can see this Rottweiler crying.

I really feel sorry for this dog. If there is anyone who doubts that dogs have emotions, he or she should have a look at this. I am so touched! If dogs can show love to this extent, why is it that some human beings doubt that dogs can show love?

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