Griffin Is Clare’s Best Caring Friend In The Ways That Count Most!


Most women have diamonds as their best friend. However, Clare Syversten, who is 26 and lives in Northolt, Middlesex, has something even better than jewelry to win her heart again and again. She has her canine best buddy and carer named Griffin. Griffin is Clare’s best caring friend in the ways that count most. Griffin is a very loving and attentive golden retriever dog who takes care of everything for his disabled owner. Griffin is the very personification and definition of what defines the perfect assistant dog like no other.

This video not only touches the heart in every way. It also shows one that disabilities don’t have to be the end of life for one who needs constant care and attention from a medical/physical side of things. If anything, with a devout and being there friend Dog such as Griffin, life can be wonderful and livable on all fronts. This is because Griffin is the best animal carer for a human being in the world. He makes Clare’s live not only happy, but something she enjoys living, because of the presence of this exceptional wonder dog who clearly loves his owner above all else. Griffin is indeed Clare’s best caring friend in the world and this special video reveals that fact to all. This video also reinforces one’s belief in faith and hope and is inspirational in delivery.

It is true that life is challenging, if you are disabled, but a person can still move forward and shine in their life. Griffin has brought lots of wonderful moments into Clare’s life. He is not just an assistant dog to just take care of Clare and do the things she cannot do for herself. He is her companion, her pet, and most importantly her best friend in the world. He is a super dee duper dog that gives her a reason to smile, to love, and to face each new day in her life with him as part of it. Griffin is a unique dog for this reason. Please do share this amazing video on Facebook.

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