A Grim Scene Turns Into A Party As Firefighters Dance To “Stayin’ Alive”


Who ever said firefighters couldn’t have fun? It what appears to be a tragic accident wherein a woman lies over her dead husband’s body, trying to bring him back through chest compressions, firefighters quickly show up at the scene to help. When the firefighters arrive, one of them takes over the woman’s CPR attempts.

In the process, the rest begin to dance to the song “Stayin’ Alive” while the lead firefighter keeps doing CPR. He begins to instruct the woman that successful CPR requires doing chest compressions to the beat of the song. In the comedic climax of the video, she exclaims “Who knew?” with a smile on her face all the while.

The atmosphere of the grim scene turns around quickly as viewers come to realize the whole accident was staged and the group of firefighters were simply having some fun as a flash mob. Being quite arguably the funniest firefighter video of all time, it’d be a shame to keep it all to yourself. Please SHARE this video on Facebook to brighten someone else’s day.

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