Group Of Kids Beat The Denver Police in a Game of Tug Of War


These days there seems to be more bad publicity for the police than good. That is why it is important to share a video like this one! This video shows a group of Denver policemen and a larger group of kids as they challenge one another to a game of tug of war. These cops wanted to show these kids they could have fun too. When you see who wins the tug of war, you will be blown away!

This is one of those videos that will help you see that all cops are not bad. These men and women risk their lives every day, to protect people in their community. They leave their families behind so your’s can be safe! When you see this amazing battle, you will not be able to help but smile. What an amazing moment for these kids! If you think the police did an awesome thing by playing tug of war with these kids, Please SHARE on Facebook.