Group Of Kids Finds Abandoned Kittens That Are Near Death


The three kids in this video are true heroes because they saved the lives of three kittens. When the kids were out walking, they happened upon some bushes where they heard tiny cries. When they investigated where the sounds were coming from, they were shocked to see four tiny kittens who were barely a few days old. Knowing the mother kitten would surely be back soon, they put them back in their nest and waited, but the mother never showed.

The kids took the kittens to their mom and she called a cat foster program that jumped in and saved the day. Unfortunately, one of the kittens did not make it but the other three thrived. These are the most beautiful kittens and their names are Oscar, Leo, and Brie. Check out this amazing kitten rescue story and Please SHARE on Facebook so others can see how adorable these three truly are.


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