Group of Kids Works to Raise Money For Kind Homeless Man


Larry is a homeless man who had a heart attack. While he was in the hospital, his home was destroyed by fire so he was left without any shelter. When some kids and their Mom met Larry, he asked them for bottles so he could eat. The kids who met Larry were deeply touched and wanted to do something more to make life better for him so they organized a fundraiser car wash to help him.

This video news story is truly touching to watch. Seeing kids perform such a selfless act will touch your heart and give you a reason to smile. These kids have raised around $1,000 and they are still working hard to wash cars to give Larry a place to stay. What a selfless act and so refreshing in the world we live in today! If you think this group of kids is true heroes, Please SHARE on Facebook so this video can spread.

WXYZ-TV Detroit | Channel 7