A Group of Talented Elderly Dancers Stuns the Britain’s Got Talent Audience


Senior citizens all over the world are demonstrating the fact that age doesn’t necessarily mean anything. The four dancers in this video range from their early sixties to their early eighties. They appear onstage initially wearing these very matronly floral dresses.

However, when they actually start their tap dancing performances, they change out of those matronly dresses into shimmering dance wear, which has a way of symbolically allowing them to subvert the audience’s expectations immediately. The audience goes wild just as a result of the costume change. As the four women demonstrate their tremendous skills on the dance floor, the crowd goes even wilder.

The four women clearly impress the judges just as easily as the members of the audience. People should please SHARE this video on Facebook, since it is certainly fun to watch, and it is a useful cultural artifact in a world that is trying to rethink stereotypes about aging.