Grow Veggies From Kitchen Scraps


Don’t throw out those vegetable trimmings, or even just chuck them in the recycling bin! You can grow a bountiful garden starting with just the base of many fruit and vegetable plants.

Pineapples are quite expensive when they come from the supermarket or farm stand; however, you can take the top from a used pineapple, trim the excess leafy growth, and soak it in water. After three weeks you have some substantial roots that are ready to plant in your garden and in 18 months you have a small crop of pineapples to harvest. The same goes for celery roots by soaking the bottom three inches of the stalks in water, root side down. After 10 days it’s ready to plant. You can also replant dried out ginger by putting it in the soil nub side up and it will yield a full pot of ginger in about 6 months.

Garlic and green onions are easy to replant as well. Garlic can be grown by simply burying the cloves in the ground and the green onion bottom stalks can be soaked and planted like celery. For round onions, simply plant root side down.
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