The Guilty Reaction of a Dog Who Went Through the Trash


People often don’t give dogs enough credit for their emotional complexity, but it is possible that the YouTube age is going to change that trend to a certain extent. The dog owner in this video announces that someone must have rummaged through the trash, and the owner’s attention turns to the dog. The dog immediately starts to back away and adopt a very guilt-ridden expression.

Despite being reassured, the dog continues to act very guilty, and ends up hiding altogether by the end of this very short video. Most people are going to find the dog’s reaction very adorable and endearing. If they were in the owner’s situation, they might even forgive the dog on that basis alone. The dog is clearly aware of the social dynamics of the situation, which makes the video that much more entertaining to watch. Animal videos like this one have been popular on Facebook for a long time.

Melissa Lee