What Happens When You Combine Coca Cola and a Glass of Milk?


If you have never seen the Coca-Cola and milk experiment, this is a video you need to watch. When these two beverages are combined, a chemical reaction takes place that is quite remarkable. It is amazing to see the bottle as time elapses and the experiment begins to unfold. When you see the finished product, you will not be able to believe your eyes!

This is a great video to bring the kids in to watch. They will enjoy seeing what happens to this bottle of soda after milk is introduced. Once you watch this video, you may want to perform your own Coca-Cola and milk experiment. This video might just make you think twice before you guzzle down that next bottle of soda. As the video shows, this is simply caused by a chemical reaction and is quite cool to witness. If you like this experiment, Please SHARE on Facebook for others to see.

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