What Happens When a “Stale” Cupcake Order Comes Back With a Hidden Surprise?


Sharon runs a small bakery shop and has been through her fair share of difficulties over the last year. Not only was she diagnosed with ovarian cancer but she also has a special needs son who needs more attention than she has been able to give him, due to her business. When Jackie O brings in some cupcakes to complain, Sharon is ready to make things right. As she opens the cupcake box to find the problem, she is blown away by what she finds inside!

This video will deeply touch you as you see how emotional Sharon becomes when she sees the surprise that has been given to her and her family. The surprise will allow her to breathe a little easier and spend more time with her son. Jackie O has once again pulled off a lovely surprise that ended with such joy and happiness! After you have watched this touching video, Please SHARE on Facebook!

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