Happy Birthday to the Cutest Feathered Friend Video


Whether you’re an animal lover or not, you just have to love this video of an adorable talking bird named Marnie having a fun birthday party with his bird friends. He even has a few sweet dogs who join in on the festivities and that’s OK with Marnie. He’s happy to share with everybody, especially his other bird friends and his stuffed ones as well.

When his human Mommy and Daddy give him several tiny cute stuffed animals, he falls in love with them immediately. He says to them “What you doing’?” then “Gimme a Kiss!” and he kisses each of them on their fuzzy stuffed toy noses. After the little peck, he says “Thank you” and “I love you”.
He shares his birthday feast with the others, including a couple of gorgeous parrots and a cute little cockatiel that likes to hide under a napkin.

This video will have you laughing so hard; you’ll want to watch more. And there are plenty of them, including Christmas with the whole animal family, lots of birds and even some dogs and cats. These people are true animals lovers and they have the cutest menagerie ever!