Happy Ending for Sweet Dog in this Video


Everybody loves a happy ending and this video called “Construction Worker Finds Abandoned Dog In Detroit Rehab House Straight Outta Detroit” definitely has one of those. The World Animal Awareness Society does wonders with helping animals worldwide and so does Theresa Sumpter, who is the Detroit Pit Crew Dog Rescue’s Executive Director and Chief Dog Rescuer. She and her assistant were responding to a call from a man named Corey, who had bought a Detroit property with a structure on it that needed preserving. Theresa is in the business of saving dogs and Corey and his partner are in the business of saving old homes in the South West Detroit area.
The men found this well-mannered sweet-tempered male pit bull inside the house when they arrived to start the rehab job. They fed and cared for him for three days before finding a Facebook page that told them to call the Detroit Pit Crew Dog Rescue for assistance. That’s one of the many good things about this video. It explains a lot about this type of situation and what can be done.
This little pit bull was very lucky that he was found by such caring gentlemen who did the right thing rather than just ignoring him like so many people might do. Theresa explained to them that they would get him checked out and vaccinated at the vet’s office, then put an ad on “For the Love of Louie” to see if someone was looking for the dog.

After four days, if he isn’t claimed by his owner, they would become his new owners and he would become part of the Straight Outta Detroit Project. Corey, the man who found him, said he just hoped that he would get a good loving home. Please SHARE this video on Facebook. Thanks.

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