He Runs Over To The Ice Cream Truck, But The Stunt He Pulls Is One I Never Even Saw Coming


As summer approaches, the heat increases and so does the need for something cool to balance it out. Ice cream is a tasty treat than many people turn to. But it’s not just humans who crave this cold dessert, and kids aren’t the only ones who go running when they hear the music of the ice cream truck.

Reggie is a Staffordshire bull terrier who is three years old. He patiently stands next to his owner until the word is given, then speeds off to the truck when he hears the command. His tail is wagging excitedly as he gets to the window. But there is already a girl and her mom waiting in line, and no cuts are allowed here.

His paws move up and down in a little dance as he waits. Finally, the two people are finished getting their treats. What the ice cream man does for Reggie? It’s certainly a dream come true for this patient pooch, and absolutely adorable for all who get to watch him.

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