Heartbreaking Tale of Heroism and a Triumph Over Abuse


This video begins with a women sharing her terrifying tale of abuse. Her face has been obscured from view, but the emotion in the video comes through very clearly thanks to what she expresses vocally. Parts of the story are told through drawings, making it easier for the viewers to get a sense of what is going on and what happened to her. Her story involves her escaping from her abuser, and her dog helping her in the process.

She was taken to the Rose Brooks Center. Unlike some shelters, they were also willing to admit her dog. Since then, this shelter has distinguished itself by the fact that they are willing to protect the pets of abuse victims. They are now expanding to include a shelter that is specifically aimed at pets that are connected to situations like this. The touching story that is portrayed in this video helps demonstrate the way in which people and animals help each other and rely on one another. Many people on Facebook will get their eyes opened up by this video.