Heartbreaking Video of a Letter from Mother to Daughter


When you are a child there is nothing to worry about because mom and dad are always there to take care of things. For a parent of that child however there seems to be an endless amount of worry through every stage of growth and life. There is even more worry and strife when that child is diagnosed with Cancer. This video shows a mother sitting on her daughters bed and reading out loud a letter that she wrote to her four-year-old, one hour after she passed away from Cancer.

While she is trying to read the letter without breaking down, pictures of the little girl are shown on the screen. They show her in the best of circumstances and the life that she had before she lost her battle. The women’s voice will break your heart as she pauses to catch her breath and her voice as she reads the letter. She is choking back the tears but continues on so that all can hear her story and know that her little Katie was loved.

It is a great way for her to get her feelings out, and to help find some closure in the fact that her daughter is no longer with them, but was loved every day of her life. There are no pictures to show how the little girl struggled, but rather how she lived. This is a heartbreaking little video that needs to be shared, get the word out and please SHARE on Facebook.

ABC News

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