Helping the Homeless for the Holidays!


The video entitled “A Homeless Thanksgiving on Skid Row” was filmed in Los Angeles on Skid Row, where 6,000 unfortunate people, men, women and little children, spend their lives. Some have no shelter, food or any of the basic necessities that we all take for granted.

Every Thanksgiving Day, a group of selfless individuals brings Thanksgiving dinner to some homeless people and MoloNation films it. The dinner comes complete with turkey and all the trimmings, sparkling cider, and a Thanksgiving prayer. Amidst the backdrop of the city is a table set up with a white tablecloth and even a beautiful Thanksgiving flower arrangement.
The dialogue at the table is quite edifying as the benefactors ask the homeless men for some advice about life. They ask them about life in general, and they say that staying connected to God and following through with your goals and plans are the most important factors. They also ask them what they would do if they could go back and do things differently.

One man said that he would be a better man and father and would raise his kids. Another told of opportunities lost to prison and drugs. The giving and the gratitude, as well as the sheer common wisdom imparted by the homeless men in this video are truly heartwarming.
Profits from the video, in their entirety, are going to a charity for the homeless called “Food on Foot”, so please help by sharing it on Facebook.

Molo Nation