Helping truckers become aware of a growing problem


Life as a trucker means that you spend long hours in your truck and when it comes time to rest, time spent at a truck stop. These truck stops however are no longer just a place for the truckers to get some rest, but have become a spot used by girls, feeling they need to solicit themselves to the truckers. Some of these girls are young teens, and many of them are abused, neglected, beat up and used in trafficking by a third party.

What many of these truckers do realize is that it is illegal and that not only can the prostitute get in trouble but so can they as well. However, what they don’t all seem to realize is that these girls are sometimes forced into doing this. They are kidnapped or brought in from other countries illegally and forced into it in order to survive. They will rarely speak up because of fear they will get caught and hurt even worse.

This whole video is of a news broadcast that details some of the events and speaks to some of the truckers about their experiences at these truck stops. It also shows what they are doing to help educate the truckers that are out there so they can instead call the police and possibly save a life in the process.