Hero Breaks Car Window To Save Dog Trapped In The Heat


We have all heard about the dangers of leaving dogs inside cars during the heat of summer but it seems not everyone is heeding the warnings. In this video, a man has come across a little dog who is nearly dying in the heat. The inside of the car had likely grown to over 100 degrees and if someone did not do something, he would have died. Thankfully, the man became a hero and took a rock and smashed the window of the car, saving the little dog’s life.

While this video was not made to condone any form of property destruction, this man saved the little dog’s life and that is a good thing. It is important people do not take the law into their own hands and instead call the police if they see an animal in distress. This man is not ashamed of what he did because he saved the dog’s life. To raise awareness about the dangers of leaving animals in hot cars, Please SHARE on Facebook.

Hélène et les animaux

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