A Hero Recalls the Day He Saved a Toddler and Was More or Less Adopted By Her Family


This video demonstrates the long-term effects that helping people can have on one’s relationship with them and their families, particularly when it comes to very dramatic rescues. The man portrayed in this video managed to save a toddler who would have drowned. He managed to revive her altogether.

This video makes it clear that he has still maintained a close personal relationship with her family, who still feel a great deal of connection to the man who saved their child.

The video is brief, and it mainly features a single person talking to the camera and some voice-over. However, it manages to communicate a lot of emotions very quickly. It tells a narrative even more quickly. People should please SHARE this video on Facebook, since it is a video that helps demonstrate the value of helping people in the first place, and it is a very touching video for almost anyone to watch.