A Heroic Police Dog Shot in the Line of Duty is Saved


People hear about police officers getting shot in the line of duty all the time. They will usually think of this problem purely in terms of the human police officers. In fact, the canine members of the police force will also get shot. In this video, a beloved police dog is reunited with his human cop partner after being shot in the line of duty.

Fortunately, it appears that the dog is going to manage to make a full recovery, despite the concerns that many people initially had. His cop partner expresses his affection for the dog during the video, and he also expresses his confidence about the dog’s capabilities, convinced that everything is going to be okay. While dog owners will be able to relate to this video more than many other people, plenty of individuals on Facebook will find it touching to see the amount of affection these two beings have for each other.

ABC News

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