The Heroic Rescue of a Dog Who Spent His Life in Chains


Some dog owners are violently abusive to their dogs. Other dog owners are so neglectful that their dogs are never really given the opportunity to develop socially. The narrator of this video tells a powerful story involving a dog who was chained up for his entire life.

The narrator very slowly built up a rapport with the dog through the fence, and found that the dog was much more affectionate than he initially appeared to be, and his behavior seemed to be a by-product of his constrained environment. The narrator of the video gradually manages to help turn the dog’s life around in a truly touching story.

The narration is delivered through text on the screen, but people will also see plenty of footage of the dog, including footage of his living conditions before he was liberated. People all over Facebook will probably end up crying after watching this video, even if they have seen it several times.

Rusty Diamond from Jared Piper on Vimeo.