High School Senior Gets In Trouble For Wearing A Sleeveless Shirt Under A Jacket


The young lady in this video was given a verbal warning at school for wearing an outfit most people would consider harmless. She was wearing a sleeveless shirt underneath a zip-up jacket and her arms were not showing at all. Although it may not seem like a big deal to get a verbal warning, this will go on her permanent record and could affect her college choices. When you see her outfit, you will not believe the school went that far!

It seems this school system is truly confused about their dress code policy. While there are important reasons for the dress code to be in place, most people would agree the outfit she was wearing did not fit the bill for being wrong in any way. Her father is upset over the warning and wants the school to make it right. If you think this young girl was treated unfairly, Please SHARE on Facebook.

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