High Winds Blow Waterfall In Croatia In The Opposite Direction!


When you see this video, you will not believe the ferocity of the wind! This beautiful waterfall in Croatia was overtaken by the wind and the water began blowing up instead of flowing down. It is quite an amazing sight to see and will have you spellbound! This video just goes to show how truly powerful the wind can be in certain situations.

What an amazing spectacle to witness! Can you imagine being in the midst of these high winds? If the winds were powerful enough to go against the power of water and win, you can only imagine how much damage they could do. Thankfully, this video was created so we could all see how the water responds to the high winds. When the two come together, it is quite beautiful to see! The wind makes the waterfall seem to defy gravity as the flow goes up instead of down. Check it out and Please SHARE on Facebook.