Hilarious Toilet Tissue Fiasco Sketch on The Carol Burnett Show


The Carol Burnett show contains a plethora of hilarious treasures like this sketch video of Carol playing a housewife who has purchased the wrong toilet tissue. Who would have thought purchasing the wrong kind of toilet paper could create such drama! As you watch this video, you are sure to laugh out loud at the antics that ensue when Carol learns her entire family has turned their backs on her simply because of her choice in paper!

Carol Burnett has been entertaining audiences for decades and she continues to enjoy making people smile. This classic from the Carol Burnett Show is a must-see for any Carol Burnett fan. As you watch this video, you will better understand the plight of housewives across the country as they work to please their families. This hilarious skit will have you watching it again and again. Once you have had your fill, Please SHARE on Facebook for the rest of the world to enjoy!

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