Hilarious Video of a Pup Helping Their Friend Out of a Car


America’s Funniest Home Videos has been entertaining us all for decades yet, just when we think that we have seen everything, they come up with something else to leave us laughing. This charming video of a young pup helping an older dog get out of a car is both hilarious and adorable.

The older dog looked evidently insecure about getting out of the car and was visibly hesitant. The younger dog, who was rather spritely behind, proceeded to barge past and jump out. But instead of leaving his friend to struggle, he caught hold of the dog’s lead and coaxed the labrador out of the car. The two could then be seen rushing off and playing together.

This video proves that dogs are both intelligent and caring, and that they share the same sort of friendship bond that us humans do. Please SHARE this video on Facebook.