A Homeless Employee’s Life Gives a 180 Degree Turn


Around the globe, the television show Undercover Boss has gained tremendous amount of popularity. The program shows a boss who is going undercover and analyzing how their employees are working, without them knowing that they are actually interacting with their boss.

This video, which has been watched over four million times, has been considered to be one of the most special Undercover Boss’ episodes, as it shows a very humble and knowledgeable employee opening her heart to the undercover boss regarding on how everything is performed at the store.

Later on through the video, you’ll see how she begins to open up about her current situation. She informs the undercover boss, who is posing as an employee, that she is living with her three children at a homeless shelter.
The boss breaks down in tears and then soon after gives her something that gives her life a 180 degree turn. Go ahead and watch this video so that you can find out what she gets, and don’t forget to rate it, and SHARE it with your friends on Twitter and Facebook.

Apostle Yunati’ Shahid