These Homeless People Really Do Love Thier Dog’s But Can They Keep Them?


In this video, you will find several homeless people who also own dogs. A group of animal rights activists are going around and documenting these people, and they are also letting them know how to take care of their animals. They are providing some dog food for the dogs and they are also educating the owners of the dangers of allowing their pets to roam around the streets.

Most homeless people sometimes do not understand just how dangerous it is to let their dogs run free. But if they take care of their animals and do not allow them to run around, they have all the right to keep their canines. This is a huge problem in major cities across the nation and the animal rights activists are trying to do something to help both the homeless and their pets.

Hopefully, this problem will have a solution soon so the dogs and its owners can stay together. Please SHARE this story with friends and family on your Facebook page so that the message gets spread.

World Animal Awareness Society