Homeowner Get Revenge On Thieves With Package Filled With Dog Poop


If you have ever had a package stolen from your porch, you know how upsetting it can be. Opportunistic thieves are on the rise and will walk right up to porches and grab packages in broad daylight. The man in this video had had packages stolen right before Christmas so he decided he would get a little revenge on the person with a little help from his dog.

When the homeowner got tired of having packages stolen, he filled a box with dog poop and sure enough, the package was picked up off his porch. He says he would have loved to be there in the car when they thieves opened the “gift” and were shocked! It is sad that people have to be afraid of thieves stealing their packages at Christmas! The man in this video says he will be working to make sure his home is better protected and being watched by cameras. Enjoy the video and Please SHARE on Facebook.