Some Homeowners Are Going Over The Top With Their Christmas Displays!


It seems each year, people try to outdo one another and create bigger, brighter, and louder Christmas light displays. Some of these displays are quite extravagant and loud and neighbors are not too thrilled! While these extravagant displays are amazing to see, they can be annoying to neighbors. One man in this video got so tired of hearing “Jingle Bell Rock” twenty-four hours a day, he sued his neighbor.

Although these displays are gorgeous to look at, it is easy to see why they might annoy neighbors who are living close by. So, before you set up your display, think about your neighbors and how they might feel seeing the bright lights and hearing the music all night long. You will have to watch the video to determine if you think these light displays are too over the top and annoying. Are people ignoring the rights of their neighbors or just spreading Christmas cheer? Check out the video and make sure to Please SHARE on Facebook.