Homeschooled Eighteen-Year-Old Reveals He is a Lady’s Man on America’s Got Talent


Ryan Beard is an eighteen-year-old that was homeschooled for his entire life. With a humorous approach, he has the entire panel of judges and the audience rolling with laughter. Even Simon cannot seem to get enough. In this video, Ryan is auditioning for America’s Got Talent. He loves singing and humor and has combined the two together into an awesome performance that simply makes you laugh from the moment he gets started.

Singing his own creation, “Lady’s Man”, he proves he can have a sense of humor about his predicament of never being social or never having a girlfriend. In the song, he even jokes about going to the prom with his Mom! This video will have you laughing until your sides hurt! This young man truly has a talent that needs to be pursued. Make sure to watch the entire video and give Ryan the respect he is due. Please SHARE on Facebook so the whole world can learn about his talent.