He Was An Hopeless Dog Until A God-Sent Stranger Showed Up, It Made Me Cry!


There are people out there who don’t care about the feelings of our pets. They are yet to realize that pets fully depends on humans for care. They need to be fed and shown love at the same time. That is why the clip below presents a very crucial lesson of how we are supposed to treat the good creatures.

The story features one homeless dog called Aaron. Rations from a nearby child delivery center were his only food for survival. That meant he only got something to eat when the workers were present. It was the case until one day when a God-sent patient showed up.

The patient was special since she had some information regarding the work that Hope For Paws as an organization was doing to save homeless dogs. She called the organization and within a short duration the dog was rescued and as we speak Aaron is adopted and happy in his forever home.

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