Hopeless Mom Together With Her Pups Get A Notable Rescue. I Love It!


News spread all over the community that some pit bull had given birth to puppies in someone’s yard. That’s when Eldad Hagar decided to do something. Together with a rescue team, they surrounded the yard and were able to find them. Since he was stray, they nicknamed her Lexus. Some rescue staff made sure they entertained Lexus while the others were getting the puppies together. Sadly, one of the puppies never made it, but the four others were safe.

They took the mother and the puppies to a vet center, where they did clean all of them. But then, they realized that Lexus was acting peculiar. That’s when they found out what was happening to her.

All over the world, pit bulls are known to be violent dogs, and according to Animal Rights Action website, the approximate number of pit bullskilled daily is 4000. This has made people have negative feelings about them. However, this is not true as seen in the clip below. The pit bull proves to be loving and social to everyone.

The logic behind all this is that what you train a dog to be is absolutely what he will become. If you train him to fight, then definitely he will turn out to be fierce. And if you take good care of him with lots of love, the dog will also be social and loving.

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