This Horribly Disgusting Act Is the First of Its Kind on America’s Got Talent!


This shocking video is not for the faint of heart! When you see this act on America’s Got Talent, you will be grossed out but won’t be able to look away. There is something about this performance that just makes you have to look, even though you do not want to! When you see what this guy does with a pair of scissors and a meat hook, you will not believe it.

This video is so crazy, many people cannot watch the entire performance. The things this guy does will make you shiver down to your bones. It is crazy to see how Ryan Stock & AmberLynn perform together. The judges can barely watch as he does his performance. The audience looks as if they are about to get sick and many of them are in a state of pure horror! If you are able to watch it all, Please SHARE on Facebook and challenge your friends!

America’s Got Talent