Horrified Woman Discovers Her Ex-Boyfriend Has Been Living In Her Attic!


Can you imagine the horror the woman in this video felt when she learned a man was living in her attic? This was not a stranger, it was her ex-boyfriend! She heard a noise one night after getting ready for bed and saw nails popping out on the ceiling of her bedroom. Her son and nephew went up to the attic, thinking there would be an animal, what they saw shocked them!

They could not believe the man had been living in the attic for about two weeks. How he got into the residence remains a big mystery but this ordeal left this single mother and her children fearful! Although it seems crazy for someone to be living in the attic and the family not know, that is exactly what happened. There was no sign of him being there until that night when a thumping noise was heard. Watch this shocking video and Please SHARE on Facebook.