A Horse that Appears to Be Enjoying Some of the Music that Is Playing in the Vicinity of the Stable


There is a lot of debate over just how much animals are able to process when it comes to music in general, and to the entertainment aimed at humans in particular. Many people will say that they are always going to be completely oblivious, and the animals might as well be listening to raindrops instead of music. However, many of the people who have owned animals can attest to the fact that their animals seem to be responding to some of the aspects of the music they play. The horse owners in this video can attest to that fact, and they have the video evidence to prove it.

The horse in this video really does seem to be getting into the music, which is enough to at least give some people pause or enough to make some people laugh. This is a great video for people to SHARE on Facebook, since it is funny and strangely thought provoking.