Horse Leads Her Blind Friend So She Can Be Mobile


This is such a sweet video to watch! Daisy and Angel are the best of friends. Daisy was a stray and Angel was rescued from a farm where she was being neglected. When the two first came in contact, they immediately became the best of friends. Daisy is blind so she was having trouble making her way around the pasture. Instinctively, Angel took over and began leading Daisy around the pasture and making sure she could find her way. This is what true friends are for!

When you see these two beautiful horses, you will not be able to believe how strong their bond is! Angel walks in front of Daisy and whinnies to make sure Daisy is able to keep up with her and does not get lost. The rescue team hopes these two will be able to be adopted together because they mean so much to one another and are the best of friends. After you enjoy the video, do not forget to Please SHARE on Facebook.