Horses Have a Blast Playing With Outdoor Sprinkler


Whoever put this outdoor sprinkler in this horse sanctuary was a true genius! In this video, the temperature outside has gotten quite hot but the horses are staying nice and cool while playing in the water. As you watch them getting sprayed and enjoying the coolness, you will laugh out loud at their antics as they appear to be much like kids, having a blast in the summer.

The horses at Duchess Sanctuary are very fond of water and have even been known to climb into the water troughs and begin splashing about! Stormy and Hershey clearly love the water and this sprinkler is the perfect method of keeping them cool and entertained. What a joy it is to see them having so much fun together! If you love horses, do not miss out on this sweet video and don’t forget to Please SHARE on Facebook so others can be a part of the fun.