Hospital Charges A Woman For Having Her Baby In The Parking Lot


This video will likely shock you because it speaks of unfair charges that should have never been charged. The woman in this video was rushed to the hospital because she was in labor. Before her husband could even park the car, the baby was crowning and was delivered right in the parking lot of the hospital. Although nurses came out and helped, the birth was basically carried out by the woman and her husband. What makes this video shocking is the bill the woman received.

The hospital sent her a bill that included a charge for thousands of dollars for the labor and delivery room, which the woman clearly never used. The bill even notates this fact. If the hospital acknowledges she never used the room, why is she being charged? Hopefully, this woman will be able to get this straightened out because it is unfair for her to pay for services she did not use. After watching, Please SHARE on Facebook.