Huge Great Dane Dog Versus Tiny Dog Bed


When this video begins, you will see a huge Great Dane trying to figure out how she can gain access to a tiny dog bed that is obviously made for a dog much, much smaller than her. When this small bed was purchased for their other dog, the owners caught their Great Dane working diligently to climb inside the dog bed and make it fit. Although this seemed like a truly impossible task, the end result is delightful and will surely make you smile!

It seems this Great Dane will not give up until she is lying on the fluffy dog bed that looks so inviting to her. Even though it is way too small and she is way too big, she works to make it fit and looks right adorable doing so! You cannot imagine the cuteness that is in store for you as you watch this truly adorable video! After it makes you smile, Please SHARE on Facebook so others can enjoy it!