The Humane Society Investigates Hillandale Chicken Farms and Their Gross Mistreatment


Most people purchase eggs from their local supermarket, never really thinking about where they come from or how the chickens are treated. When you see this video, it will break your heart because you will see how Hillandale Farms grossly mistreats their chickens, leaving them confined to tight, nasty cages their entire lives. The cages are so small, they cannot even spread their wings out! While this is a tough video to watch, something needs to be done about these chickens and their suffering.

No animal should be treated the way the chickens are in this video. Some of the cages are so packed with chickens, they cannot move about at all. It will break your heart to see these beautiful animals being treated so poorly just so they can provide the country with their eggs. Thankfully, The Humane Society has stepped in to help! To spread awareness about this disgusting farm, Please SHARE on Facebook.

The Humane Society of the United States

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