Humorist Jeanne Robertson Shares Hilarious Stories Of Her Life


Jeanne Robertson is one of the funniest Southern women you will ever have the privilege of watching on video. She was a former beauty queen who became, what she calls, a humorist later in life. Unlike comedians, she never makes fun of the audience or celebrities. All she does is talk about her life and it will have you laughing the entire time. In this video, she is recounting the story of finding out her husband did not know who Garth Brooks was.

Jeanne is able to weave such delightful stories, it will have you spellbound from the moment you start watching. This woman is so interesting to listen to because she is so relatable. When you hear her story about her “left brain” husband, make sure you are prepared to laugh. This is a great video to watch if you have had a rough day. Watch her video and Please SHARE on Facebook.