Humorous and Exclusive Footage of Owls on Video


Animal videos of all sorts are exceedingly popular on Youtube. Most of these videos feature domesticated animals like dogs, cats, rabbits, and certain pet birds. However, videos that feature wild animals can easily garner plenty of views. Many people are not able to see wild animals all that often. Finding them is often something of a luck accident. This video of two owls on a rooftop contains imagery that most people are not going to be able to see that often.

The video is extremely brief. The owls more or less just rest there for a few seconds, not even responding to the fact that they’re being recorded. One of them unexpectedly flies off, defecating briefly before doing so. The other owl barely even responds to its neighbor’s behavior. This video captures the sheer lack of shame that many animals feel. It was an unremarkable even in the animal’s life, but it’s something people will watch over and over again. It would be a great video to share on Facebook, given its content.