Husky Lets His Owner Know How Much He Hates Getting A Bath


The Husky in this video is quite adorable but he cannot stand taking a bath! He lets his owner know by howling and whining the entire time. The more his owner washes him, the more he makes a fuss. It is so adorable to see him making his objections known. If you love dogs, you are not going to want to miss out on this sweet video that showcases the beautiful nature of a Husky’s temperament.

Everyone knows a dog has to get his bath, even if he does not like it very much. This little guy may hate being washed but his owners are taking care of him and love him and that is what truly matters. As he fusses so loudly over getting a bath, it will have you laughing out loud. Imagine what he would say if only he could talk! After you watch this adorable video, Please SHARE on Facebook.