Husky Plays With Her Adorable Puppies In A Game Of Tag


This mommy Husky knows how to show her puppies a good time! She is full of energy, even though she has to take care of so many little ones. This video shows her playing with all of her sweet furballs. As they chase her, she runs and jumps on the couch, knowing they are too little to catch her. It seems they are all having a ball and you will too as you watch them play together.

It is so fun to watch this mom have fun with her babies. Perhaps she is helping them get their exercise in for the day. This would sure be a fun way to work up a sweat! Her puppies love chasing her and she seems to be thrilled each time she jumps on the couch out of their reach. Don’t miss out on the bouncing puppy as it runs towards its mom! Check out this video and Please SHARE on Facebook.