A Husky Refuses to Go to the Kennel in an Entertainingly Passive and Stubborn Manner


Dogs typically don’t like going to the kennel, even if it is a nice kennel. While dogs may not have much verbal ability, they can also learn certain words through conditioning. This dog has clearly learned the word ‘kennel’ through conditioning, and is now going to respond negatively whenever the word is uttered.

The dog stretches out and makes himself hard to move in response to his owner trying to take him to the kennel. He also responds with a series of moans that almost resemble the word ‘no.’ Really, the dog is doing everything to demonstrate his sheer distaste except for saying ‘no’ and if he was capable of that, that’s what he would be saying. People should please SHARE this video on Facebook, since it is a very entertaining video to watch, and dog owners all around the world should be able to relate to silly moments like this.