Banner is a three-year-old Siberian husky and a medical / psychiatric service dog for his mother, Whitney Barley. When Whitney suffers from anxiety attacks induced by PTSD, Banner is here to help. The dog can also detect migraines and changes in blood pressure, and can steer it away from crowds to slow its mother’s heart rate. In short, it is a lifeline.

But Banner’s usefulness doesn’t end there; It has also spread to other animals. One day the dog led Whitney into the woods and ran around a cardboard box when she sensed something was wrong. When mom opened the box, Banner put her head inside and raised a kitten!

The kitten and her six siblings were placed in this box and left in an unknown location. No one knows exactly how they ended up there, but Whitney suspects someone threw them there and left them to die.

The cats made no sound and Whitney thought they might be dead. But besides being extremely cold, they were alive.

“I don’t even know how Banner knew they were there,” Whitney told The Good Times. “The cats were frozen and weren’t meowing or anything. I knew that somehow. He’s a real hero. If you didn’t find the kittens they would all be dead.”

I brought the cats home to take care of them, and Banner was really ready to help! The dog acted as a surrogate mother and was very kind and caring to each of them. She was constantly watching them and cuddling them for a nap.

Banner’s helpful nature and mothering instincts saved these kittens and gave them all a second chance at life. After being properly cared for and raised, all the kittens have gone to loving homes forever!

h/t I Love My Dog So Much

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